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first swedish

jag heter maki.
jag kommer från japan.
jag vill prata svenska.
hej hej!

ska vi fika! :D




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    First Swedish

    Jag heter Maki.
    Jag kommer från japan.
    Jag vill prata svenska.
    Hej hej!

    Ska vi fika! :D


    First swedish what? Specify more; for example - "First Swedish post", "First Swedish fraces" or "First Swedish words". (Also when using English countries should always begin with a capital letter)


    In all western languages you begin each sentence with a capital (uppercase) letter.


    Always start your name with a capital letter. So in your case, Maki.


    "Hej hej" is more of a greeting so it should either be moved to the start of the post or you could replace it with "Hej då" which means goodbye.


    Ska vi fika?
    It's a question therefore it should end with a quiestionmark.
    In most cases if you start a sentence with the word "Ska" you should end it with a questionmark,
    the exception being if you're stating something you're about to do. As in "Ska bara hämta min telefon." Which means, "Just getting my phone."



    But for your first post in Swedish I'd say that you did a pretty good job.


    first swedish If you want to write that in Swedish, you write, "Min första svenska" Or "Mitt första inlägg på svenska"(My first entry in Swedish) 

    jag heter maki. Jag heter Maki(we begin with a big letter). 
    jag kommer från japan. Jag kommer från Japan. 
    jag vill prata svenska. Jag vill prata svenska. But maybe you want to say "I want to be able to speak Swedish". In that case Jag vill lära mig att prata svenska/Jag vill kunna tala svenska/Jag vill lära mig svenska is good.

    hej hej! "Hej" is when we meet, so maybe you should write, "Hej då" which means "Good bye".  

    ska vi fika! :D Ska vi fika?:D(question mark since it is a question). Good :D You know a good expression =) But maybe you should put that before you end your entry? 

    Ask if you have any questions :) 


    First Swedish ( words, expressions?)

    Jag heter maki.
    Jag kommer från Japan.
    Jag vill prata svenska.
    Hej hej!

    Ska vi fika!?! :D (Om du börjar med ordet ska, då måste du använda en frågetecken vid slutet.)


    Välkomna och trevligt att träffas! 

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