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5 sentences nepali about how are you conversation

how.are you- tapaile kast cha? timilai kast cha?
what did you eat? timi ke kayo? kayen?
what sleep?????
what did you
how have you been??????




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    5 Nepali sentences to ask someone how s/he is doing. 


    1. How are you ?

     tapaile kast cha? timilai kast cha?

    Tapailai kasto chha ? Timilai kasto chha ? 


    2. what did you eat?

    timi ke kayo? kayen?

    Timile ke khayeu ? Tapaile ke khaanu bhayo ? 


    3. what sleep? 

    Timi kati baje sutchhau ? Tapai kati baje sutnuhunchha ? ( => When do you sleep (general case) ? )

    4. what did you

    Timile aajha ke gareu ? Tapaile aajha ke garnubhayo ? 

    5. how have you been? => ( Same as How are you ? ) 

    tapailai kasto cha? (actually in the formal form it is more polite to say tapai kasto hunuhuncha? but in Kathmandu they commonly use the form - tapailai kasto cha?)

    timilai kasto cha? (just change to kasto)

    what did you eat? timi ke khayo? tapai ke khannubhayo?
    what sleep????? ke samay tapai sutiraheko chan?
    what did you do today? tapai aaja ke gare? (formal) timi aaja ke gareko?
    how have you been?????? tapai kasari bhaeko cha? (I've never come across this question in conversation and I'm not sure they ask this but I will check with my teacher.)

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