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1. What did she say to you ? She said to me that the weather had been windly the day before yesterday.
2. What did he say to you? He said to me that he had been working there since Monday.
3. They keep saying that they are the best.
4. What are you going to do? I'm going to visit a doctor, I have to be on time.
5.On that warning sign is written: Visitors mustn't feed wild animals.
6.Pretty soon I will have a good job.I have dreamed about it since I was child. ( I don't know ,is correct " have dreamed" but I think if I dream about it now I should use "have dreamed".
7. The road is closed I suppose there has happened something.
8. She was so tired when I saw her yesterday, she told me that she had been running for an hour.
9.When did you do a report? I did the report today after work.
10 Where have you been, she is looking for you. - I have already seen her. She is not looking for me now!




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