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Drug addiction among young people is increasing. How do you think the problem can be tackled?

Young people are getting addict towards the bad elements of the society. They are attracted by those people who are involved in drug addiction, smoking, alcoholic activities. Those who are 18+ are heading towards a stage where they should concentrate on their job or career opportunities instead they put themselves in misleading activities.
We should encourage children’s towards the activities which can curb their life. Parents play an important role in shaping the future of their children. They should talk to them about their habits in task in which they are involve. When kids become young and mature parents should start sharing knowledge with them that what is good and what is bad for them. Teachers are role model of youth. What they say students should follow it. So these role model should teach children about important aspects of life.
Social awareness should spread between young people so that they stay away from those people who can mislead them. Each and every people should gather and raise voice against these distracting activities to save kids from them.
Those people who are involved in these acts should be sentenced or charged heavily to make them realize what they did. Furthermore media should come forward and talk about these things and start programs to spread details about the effects of this. Celebrities are most likely to be followed by the people beat in fashion or in any activities. They should raise awareness about this.
In conclusion to this, I can say if everyone in this world put their hands together we can uproot this acts from our life. We should say together “No to DRUGS”.




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