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Thoughts fly over my head and they just bring more confusion with them,
Yesterday on a bus I saw an old woman who I am still thinking of her,
In the first sight you could understand how familiar she was with living a life,
She wasn’t like me at all!

Then I met a friend, she was feeling alone!
I walked with her , I talked with her,
I bought a bag, brown one!
She bought shoes, dark red!
And she was still feeling alone!
It was like she wasn’t there, she was in a painful thoughts of her past!
And I was confused, totally confused, with my thoughts about her feelings now!

How much hard is to read one’s feelings and how harder is to response properly to them!

Then I felt dizzy!

The weather was nice yesterday but when I think about it, I feel like it was dismal!

Someone inside me asks me if it was the weather dismal or my life is?
I evade answering!

And again thoughts attack to my mind land!

“Poor the mind land”, my heart thought!




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