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It is widely believed that the most interesting subjects for children that improve creativity are
taught without taking care of the importance of it. Creativity seems to be a children
characteristic that is not important for the development of the society. However, everything
that is created must have a piece of creativity and imagination for compete with other people.
The question is whether the educational system tries to stifle the children creativity, or
whether it promotes it.

I personally believe that it is consequence of the government that we have, what it does is
reduce hours in subjects like arts and music. First of all, the government should accept that
doing changes every year in education will not give good results, it only will produce teachers
less motivated that implies a monotone routine. Secondary, the
government do not give any freedom to teachers to do extra activities that could show that
not only what it is in the books is important. However, all of it depends of the motivation of
the teacher and how them implies the pupils in the class activities; especially in art subjects
where easily the teacher could propose funny homework.
No one will dispute the fact that there are a big crisis that affects to everybody and this is one
of the consequences of that. However I think that there are things less important for us that
should not be paid with public money. In addition, creativity is easy to
develop if you have the correct methods and teachers should give the chance to work on it.

In conclusion, society should not lose the sense of creativity and it should be taught every year
in the school or university just doing interesting activities in all the chances that they have.
Creativity is the only thing that we keep from our childhood; we should not lose it so easily.




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