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Some colloquialisms and or slang.


Before I go into colloquialisms/slang I want to preface this entry by saying that these terms should not be used unless you understand the context 100%. Also, I hate slang, please read a dictionary….

Weirdo – Someone who has a weird like/passions. “John loves hates using slang, what a weirdo!” Australians like to add an extra letter in to existing words to make them more casual. Do not ask me why…
Nutter – Someone who is crazy. A psychopath. “He punched the policeman, he’s such a nutter.”

Sicko – Someone who likes to do odd/socially unacceptable things. Probably similar to “Gila” in Indonesian, but the actions of the person are either deliberate or learned behaviours. Not used for mental illness.

Arvo – Afternoon, literally translatable as “Sore.” However, you cannot say “this arvo at 4pm,” use it to refer to the general period of the afternoon. So, “This arvo” “oh when” “4pm.”
Junky – A drug addict. Often used as a derogatory term to offend someone “you look like a junky.”

A bit of a…. – this is often said to lessen the term that comes afterwards. “He’s a bit of a weirdo/sicko/nutter/junky.” Think of it like “belum” and “tidak” one is definite one is not definite.

What’s up/ sup – What are you doing at the moment / or how are you. Like “sedang apa?” or “lagi ngapain?”

Hobo – Homeless persons. Again, derogatory in its use.

Cool-cool – Usually said at the end of a discussion about plans/future events to which you agree upon.

Totes – Short for totally. “You’re coming to the party right?” “Totes.” Use sparingly.

Defs – Short for definitely. “I will defs be there tomorrow.” Again, use sparingly.

Later – Used to end a phone conversation or as the last thing you might say to a friend/group of friends after you have announced you are leaving. “Ok guys I’m off. Later.”

Peace – Also used as a goodbye. Stems from the former “Peace out.” “I have to go to work now I’ll see you latter” “Peace.”

Awesome Sauce – Again a reply to affirm that you agree with some plan or course of action. “I’ll meet you at the movies at 9pm” “awesome sauce, I’ll see you then.” I actually enjoy this term because it is literally ridiculous and has nothing to do with “Soas.”




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