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Na céadta crúiscín

Tá mé agam go leor ordú pota, go suigh mé taubh le roth an lá ar fad.




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    Na céadta crúiscín

    go leor orduithe pota agam, go suím [or, dialectally, "suíonn mé"] taobh leis an roth ["taobh le roth" isn't wrong ("by a wheel"), but I think you mean a definite wheel ("by the wheel")] an lá ar fad.


    The construction used to express "I have ...." is "Tá .... agam".

    - The verb is "" = "is";

    - the subject of the verb is the thing possessed (which is the object in English);

    - "ag" is a preposition (roughly equivalent to "at" in English) which is inflected for person (a peculiar feature of the Celtic languages): agam, agat, aige, aici; againn, agaibh, acu.

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