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Can you translate the lyrics to the song 我不知道

Thanks so much.

我不问回头的路 如果流浪是爱你唯一的路
我不问爱你的苦 如果放逐是爱你该受的苦
就算我不服我也不能做主 这段情早就是你一人呼风唤雾
既然已注定输 我不如不清楚

一翻身都是浪潮 思念淹得我呼吸都要求饶
连回忆都像孤舟 飘摇一想你心啊就要触礁
其实你给我的爱是个手铐 让我这心被掏空的人有个囚牢
再也不要谁来解套 情愿为你受尽煎熬

我不哭 我不笑 我不好 也不逃 爱无救药我都不知道
我醉了 我还要 梦碎了 醒不了 你还欠我一个拥抱
就算天 要我哭 要我笑 要我疯 要我逃 逃到哪里我也不知道
心没了 落幕了 风冰了 你走了 破碎的梦我还想要 一刹那也好

雨打在我的脸上 泪水忍不住也逃出眼眶 啊~
往事一一呐喊 是你要我陪你直到天荒
你怎能全忘 将我葬在别人身上




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    Can you translate the lyrics to the song 我不知道 I Don't Know

    Thanks so much.

    我不问回头的路 I ask not the roads that has a way home如果流浪是爱你唯一的路  If vagrancy is your only road to love
    我不问爱你的苦 Ask not how bitter is your love. 如果放逐是爱你该受的苦 If exile is the love you ought to suffer,
    就算我不服我也不能做主 Even if I am not willing, I cannot be its master  这段情早就是你一人呼风唤雾 This love has been your call early on [literally to call upon the winds and mists]
    既然已注定输 Since it is fated that I will lose, 我不如不清楚 I rather be in a befuddled state

    一翻身都是浪潮 As I turn over, it is nothing but waves 思念淹得我呼吸都要求饶 Even be drowned, I still gasp for life.
    连回忆都像孤舟 My memories is like a lonely boat, 飘摇一想你心啊就要触礁 a float and the thoughts of you is like hitting the reefs.
    其实你给我的爱是个手铐 Actually the love you gave me is a pair of manacles.

    让我这心被掏空的人有个囚牢 Let my heart be freed from the prison cart
    再也不要谁来解套 No more would anyone come to rescue me.

    情愿为你受尽煎熬 I rather suffer under your hands.

    我不哭 I won't cry 我不笑 I won't laugh 我不好 I won't be good 也不逃 and nor will I escape. 爱无救药我都不知道 There's no antidote that I know will cure me of this love sickness
    我醉了 I'm drunk 我还要 I don't want 梦碎了 broken dreams 醒不了 waking up not 你还欠我一个拥抱 Still you owe me an embrace
    就算天 Granted that you are heaven, 要我哭 making me cry 要我笑 making me laugh 要我疯 making me go mad, 要我逃 wanting me to escape 逃到哪里我也不知道 To where I do not know
    心没了 My heart's gone, 落幕了 The curtains dropped and the show's over 风冰了 Wind has turned to ice 你走了 You are gone 破碎的梦我还想要 broken dreams I don't want 一刹那也好 even though for a moment

    雨打在我的脸上 the rain hitting on my face 泪水忍不住也逃出眼眶 tears I cannot contain anymore from my eye sockets 啊~  Ahhh...
    往事一一呐喊 Memories of old, each piece crying out loud 是你要我陪你直到天荒 It was you who wanted me to accompany to the desolate heaven
    你怎能全忘 how could you forget everything 将我葬在别人身上 letting me buried in the arms of others.

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