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Today I want to translate a passage into English.

高温排行榜河南占前9, 网友调侃出门赴约是生死之交 2014年07月22日 11:19   来源:郑州晚报
90% of the cities in the high temprature ranking list is in Henan province,the net friends are joking that those who go out to make appointments are best friends for they are risking their lives to meet their friends.
July 22nd,2014 11:19 from:ZhengZhou Evening Paper
This is the High temprarure ranking list thought out the country,cities in Henan province took the front 9 seats.
The whole province will come heavy rain from Wednesday to Friday,and the weather will become cooler than these days.These days'high temprature,makes people feel like staying in a huge stove,you can get a lot of sweat even you just go out to bring back some food for a very short time.
According to the tempratuer ranking list on China Weather website,yesterday,at 14 o'clock,among the 10 cities,Henan province took the front 9 places,which make the "extremely hot city"-Tulufan down to the 10th.GongYi in Henan took the first palce.




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