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蒙學漢文初階 第三十九課 Beginning Chinese - Entry Level Lesson #39

洪君與客談 Hung (Last Name) master and guest converse
兒在旁默聽 child at side silent listen
客述 guest narrate
崔姓兒入塾甫一年 Chui last_name child enter private_school just_barely one year
已能作信札演諸說 already able compose letter note practise various talk
兒聞而大羨之 child hear and great admiration him

Master Hung and a guest were conversing. A child stood nearby and silently listened. The guest described how the son of Mr. Chui had barely entered a private school for a year and is already able to write letters and recited various discourses.


塾 is actually a room in some scholar's house where children of those who can afford tuition are being taught. The richer families and nobilities of course can hire a live-in teacher to teach their scions.

札 Among the many meaning, it can also mean the bamboo slip in which ancient Chinese books are made of; or a kind of official document in the imperial days.

說 Here it means a discourse as a dialog between the master, such as Confucius to his student or a king to his subject.



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