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A difficult decision

Sebastian Hamilton and his elder brother, William, were having a conversation in the dining room of the estancia “Los Mistos”. It was evening night and Sebastian wanted to go to Silverio’s pulpería to have a drink. William told him:”I have to talk with you about Jack’s future”. After his request he decided to stay.
“What do you mean by Jack’s future?” Sebastian asked. William replied that Jack was uneducated and that he could not write or read properly. He wished his nephew had another life. He wanted to convince his brother that Jack should live in England. Sebastian looked at him astonished. He was furious. He always thought his son should live with him in the pampas and that he should be a gaucho as his father. He did not like Hampshire, London or any city in England. He refused to accept that to live in England was the best option.
They were speaking loudly and Jack listened to them. He decided to confront his uncle. He shouted: “I want to stay at “Los Mistos” with my father! I don’t want to go with you!” William answered that they should talk another day again and slamming the door he left the room.




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