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Sain uu- Hi /entry on basic phrases in Mongolian

Sain uu/ or Sain baina uu- Hi?

I would like to ask for help from a native speaker of Mongolian on how to learn the basics.

Монголоор ..... -г яаж хэлэх вэ ( Mongoloor ...g yazh heleh ve? the verb, heleh?)
This is supposed to mean 'how do you say it in Mongolian', right? I also ask for any basic rule on how to identify a verb in a sentence.
Could you please tell me anything about basic sentence structure using a really simple example?
Happy Birthday Tєрсєн єдрийн баяр хvргэе - Tersen edriyn bayar hurgee? Does 'hurgee ' mean happy?

I would very much appreciate your help.
" Нэг хэл хэзээ ч хангалтгүй " This sounds nice ,hopefully I got the right phrase that one language is never enough.



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