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First notebook entry: Introducing myself

I am now in BiH,so i need to learn Serbian for convenience life here.It feel bad when you cannot speak and understand what other speak!



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    Hi Tina!
    Did you start learning? Try - there are serbian lessons there. Try to write a sentence, I'll be glad to help you and correct you.

    here's some basic, to start:

    I - ja
    you - ti
    he/she/it - on/ona/ono
    we - mi
    you - vi
    they - oni

    I am - ja sam
    You are - ti si
    he/she/it is - on/ona/ono je
    we are - mi smo
    you are - vi ste
    they are - oni su

    I am Tina - Ja sam Tina
    My name is Tina - Moje ime je Tina (that would sound a little odd, people usually say: Zovem se Tina - roughly translated into They call me Tina.
    I live in BiH - Živim u BiH.
    I want to learn Serbian - Želim da naučim srpski.

    Don't be discouraged by č, š, lj, nj, dž, ž, - you will learn them, just listen how people talk.

    Good luck!

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