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eleanor's notebook entry: Mar 01, 2011-tired being tired

why things become so dificult, why simple things seems so difficult, why not this, why not that. why happy life need one dark procedure first?

i don't believe this, happy life.

why true love need unreal love.

why so serious? why so hard?

who care.

can hard and serious achieve some aim u real think is real to you?

i don't think so.

i just want to enjoy my simple happy life.

effiencency, time management, this is very important.

happy, happy simple life.

prefer leisure time and thinking less, the retiring statues or the kindergarden pupil style. great.

who care.

thanks god help me out of the stupid hard working style i have to immerse in!!!

who need to change, body shape change? damn it.

that fuck attitude! who care that shit word, my health belongs to myself, emosional happy. or will be persuaded to meet the psychologist dr. to check whether i got problem or not after having being taken that horrible mental medicine, who care. Shit., damn it, will go.

happy, simple happy life. enjoy more.

Thanks god again to help me out of that stupid life.

I like English more and more, I will improve it as one native speaker~




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