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lady's day

en, today is Mar.8th, people call it's Women's day, Happy.

But i am not a woman, i am not happy people call me woman, seems i am not young or very sopiscated and not elegant. In Chinese, it was three-eight directely translated from the date. From teenage time, we hate this and joking with classmate acting very rude, we named them three-eight women, and if unfortunately share the same table with this kind of classmate, i would get the three-eight line. Wooh, horrible,means we share half half, and couldn't touch that line, en, or i would get the pencil hit set on the line.

That's i did like the woman defination. I like lady's day.

Yi, suddenly i think, why three-eight line is not three-eight set, but half half? Thus the deskmate to me before is not that three-eight woman?

Mmm,got it.

That rude women, we call them female tiger. Hahaha.

Em, my male tiger bf coming later will protect me~




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