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Today,because of the rain,we didn't need to have slow-running in the morning. After getting up from struggle,i found my eyes were like panda's eyes,ah~~~these days i was always like that. Then,like normal days,after personal things,i rushed to dining hall.oh! i was so hungry,i didn't have dinner the day before yesterday.
Then,i took my book to classroom,we have a morning class in week days(ah,i don't know how to say in english,this class is without teacher,just read any book you want,but you have to stay here.). Our math class would start at 10:40,oh my god,indefinitely integration and linear algebra still made me dizzy,luckily,i worked out most practices. Every time i looked at our math teacher---a young lady with glasses and a "pure" smile,ah,i really wanted to follow her smile ,but when i faced to my math practice,i failed.
The math class ened at 12:15.Today is Thursday,we only have this class.So,i had much spare time.
I went back to our dormitory,tried find some good Chinese movies,actually some chinese movies are good,because i think Chinese directors prefer to concentrate on our real life and normal charactor.My "qin ai de" and i decided to watch a Chinese movie on this Saturday,but i have to find one with English subtitle first. I want to show him "甜蜜蜜"(tian mi mi/Sweet),it's an old chinese movie in 1996.Ah!!!But!!! i can't find one with English subtitle!~~~
Anyway,today is a little boring.




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