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eleanor's notebook entry: Mar 16, 2011-Portray& memory&shame&wake up-the medicine

look on the pretty in the portray,memorised on my 2007 impression, though just recovery from the lung illness and no clear relationship bf, still positive live.
Back again to 2011, all the bad memories through these years, still single, bad health,bad skin whole body, muscle loose, 31-year-old.
Cry?No, will live well for the thanks of my dear god.
Shy?No,will not show off but shine because of the colourful clothes given by my dear god.
How can this pretty turn to the old? I kept silience before to face to the laughing stupid.
They laugh and they will cry for themselves in future.
Of course,god got his plan.
I've already helped out by god and live in my own life. But stupid don't suppose to release me, who care. When it's finish, it means finish.
In my recovery days, noise came, louder and louder, broken wall as illegal decration downstairs, not being taken care of by others well but god and nice person sent by god.

Exercelent gene people here will not being treated well and judged as mental person, among them, i was shamed by the normal people in a very rude way.

Suppose, let the little tiger got illness and let it act as pig to shame her.

I was and i didn't care that and to live as one suvivier.

Yes, i am, i recognize already and told by dear god to stay patient to give up the fight to be protected by god these years.

No one can taste this kind of feeling, i don't want to taste anymore, i will live in good health and nice emosion because of the love from god.

Thanks god protect me and give all this stupid here one nice medicine to memorise themselves.

I won't take that mental one anymore, i had and i won't.

The society here suppose to see one normal me back from beginer, even the skin and the health, they don't know i care about myself from youth, of course, good health is very important to me.

No word, just thanks my dear god, thank you for let me recovery and let me get great health and nice emosion and changed my gene to a better one.

Thanks and thanks.




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