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taking class or not taking class

Due to the health status, due to the love to dear god, due to the thinking of strong believe person from earthquake area,due to the missing of the nice atmosphere, i went to the grant church in Xujiahui yesterday and took the class there.

Repect of the culture a lot, not wishing to be rude, in order to make my serious choice, i went there to feel.

God already let me understood his love and i will thank for his love in my whole life.

Enjoyed the literal from western, studied English since puiple, made friends from western also, but once mentioned about the Christmas, I suddenly thought i need to improve my English in background.

I didn't feel blue and dispressed, but think about how i can change.

Thanks god guide me, protect me and love me when i was set in low.

Only now i supposed to share with people the love i have from the love, and theirs from god. To see and hear to trust.

When the class finished, one student sat around me said hello to me and wanted to correct the speed when i did the cross before chest. I felt surprised but still treated her nice and responsed,"really?" Then she showed me she went to the class for several times and the speed is not right.

Then i think the aim of us to take the class is to understand and love god, to have the belief, to share and to love. I was brought by foreigner to join the ceremony, no mentioned about this speed thing but nice to ask the turn off mobile and keep quiet, and the later translate why to pray. I don't think any teacher will mention about the speed thing in the class. Just mention the love to or from god. I won't mention or correct others about this kind of thing, this is the habbit.

When in the souvenir, i met staff unwillingly to sell with cold response,taken or not taken class? She asked me this question, if i took their, then i could buy the souvenir their. Wooh, then this is the question i supposed to ask her in my mind. Then visit couldn't buy? One passenger asked her. I responesed instead of her directly, did you believe god?

To me, i think i would like to respect the culture, and i will ask my teach whether i bought the right one or not.

In church, all people share about the love, they shall feel happy when people suppose to feel more about god through some souvenir. Last time i bought neckless with Jesus, and yesterday i bought one bracelets with Jesus too to thanks god and wish to live good for my dear god. And donation for another one.




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