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tera nam kya hai?

mera nam jun hai.
mein ladki hai.
mujhe shahrukh khan acha lagta hain.
yaar,tera nam kya hai?

PS:hindi is all greek to me.i'm dying.....feel free to correct me.




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    Aapka naam kya hai?
    Mera naam Jun hai. Main ladki hoon. Mujhe Shahrukh Khan achchhe lagte hain. Mitr, aapka naam kya

    Aapka, aapki or aapke words are nice than tera, teri, tere so u should always use aapka (for male) aapki ( for female). Mitr is nice word than yaar. 

    mein ladki hai (hun)

    mujhe shahrukh khan acha lagta hain. (it is either 'lagte hain' or 'lagta hai') 
    'hai'  -  used for third person.
    'hun'  -  used for first person.

    'lagte hain'  -  used for eithre plural or with respect.
    'lagta hai'  -  used for singular but without showing respect (informal way of speaking)

    rest is very correct. Keep it up!

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