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I was born in Alex.My father was working in the police and he stayed a year after my birth in Alex.After that he moved to Rasheid. I used to play with friends one year older than me. I love my sisters and my only brother. At the age of five I was enrolled in elementary one. I was the best in my class and I met such a lovely friend that we were very intimate friends. Though their was a problem arose when we first met in the class that he took my chair by force and sat on it. So I hated him, nevertheless I had to agree with that. After that we started a discussion which we began to love each other and overcame that problem. Later we decided to study for a several years. On entering university each of us chose his own way separately to achieve his own goals in life. Engineering and Law were the first crossroads in our life. This created an emotional gap between us and we had nothing in common in our studies. Some feelings began to happen to me in this life-stage. I had to know what friendship and love between friends is. I had to know also the great meaning of having a friend but, unfortunately all this came after our friendship began to fade away as a result of being far from each other.Without friends we can't lead a happy be continue.



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