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2 Professional Teachers and 8 Community Tutors are teaching Bahasa Vietnam.
Nguyen The Vu
Nguyen The Vu  Guru Profesional  

  • Vietnam
  • Mengajar Bahasa Vietnam
  • Sesi: 62

Languages: Bahasa Vietnam, Bahasa Inggris

My name is Nguyen The Vu. I am living in Vung Tau, Viet Nam. I have been teaching languages since I was in the high school in 1994 and it was an interesting memory and helpful experience.
  • Beginners
  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Business
  • Test Preparation

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phambaohuyen  Guru Profesional  

  • Vietnam
  • Mengajar Bahasa Vietnam
  • Sesi: 111

Languages: Bahasa Vietnam, Bahasa Inggris, Bahasa Spanyol, Bahasa Katalan, Bahasa Jerman

I'm a native Vietnamese speaker with a bachelor's degree in International Business Administration and a TEFL Certificate. I have been teaching English and Vietnamese for more than 4 years.

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