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Female, From Russian Federation
Living in Russian Federation

Languages: Russian, English, Danish
Learning: English, Danish

Hi! I want to learn English and speek on it. Especially i want to speek with somebody. In last years i read many literature in English. And I did not have speech practice. I want to restore my knowled
Male, From Belgium
Living in Belgium

Languages: Dutch, English, Danish, French, Spanish, Russian
Learning: Spanish, Russian

Hi I'm Alex. I from Antwerp (Belgium). I love travelling, meeting new people and learning new languages!
Female, From Sweden
Living in Germany

Languages: Swedish, English, French, Danish, German
Learning: French, Danish, German

I'm a community tutor in Swedish, currently learning French, German and Danish on my own. If you are interested in learning Swedish, please read my teacher introduction for more info about me and what I can offer.
Male, From Bulgaria
Living in Bulgaria

Languages: Bulgarian, English, Russian, Danish, Japanese
Learning: Danish, Japanese

Female, From France
Living in France

Languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese
Learning: Dutch, Spanish, German

Learning Dutch to get to kind of B1 level in one year. I speak German, I would love to have a normal conversation in Dutch with an older family member...
Male, From Canada
Living in Canada

Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Danish
Learning: Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, German

I work in Montréal (Québec, Canada) as a lawyer. I'm very interested in learning languages - at the moment esp. Mandarin, Japanese, and Spanish. I'd love to help people who would like to learn French.
Male, From Italy
Living in Italy

Languages: Italian, Danish, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese)
Learning: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese)

Hey there! My name is Francesco, I am a language teacher, an expat coach, a traveller and a writer. I love languages (Italian, Spanish, French, English, Danish, Portuguese and counting) and would be great to share them with you!
Male, From Australia
Living in Australia

Languages: English, French, Korean, Danish, Italian, Japanese
Learning: French, Korean

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I'm obsessed with languages and have too long a list than is possible. Unfortunately I only speak English at the moment but I'm trying to learn French, Vietnamese (more of a southern dialect) and venturing into Korean.
Male, From United States
Living in United States

Languages: English, Danish, French
Learning: Danish, French

Halløj fra New York! Any Danish speakers interested in doing a language exchange? My native tongue is American English, and I'd be happy to help those interested in learning or improving their English
Female, From United States
Living in United States

Languages: English, Danish
Learning: Danish

Looking to learn Danish and re-learning Spanish
Male, From Chile
Living in Chile

Languages: Spanish, English, Danish, German
Learning: English, Danish, German

I'm native Spanish speaker. I'd like to meet new friend, new culture and learn a new lenguague. I'm a friendly and social guy. I like music, travel and tecnology
Male, From Denmark
Living in Philippines


Languages: Danish, English, German, Cebuano, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Romanian, Russian
Learning: Cebuano

I am Danish. I find that learning languages is a good way to experience other cultures.
Female, From Japan
Living in Japan

Languages: Japanese, English, Danish
Learning: English

I'm a native Japanese speaker.
George Ferguson
George Ferguson  
Male, From United Kingdom
Living in United Kingdom

Languages: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic
Learning: Swedish

Hej, jag heter George och jag vill talar med svensk personer för att blir bättre på svenska språk.
Male, From United Kingdom
Living in Denmark

Languages: English, Danish, Bulgarian, German
Learning: Danish, Bulgarian, German

I would like to Learn Danish over a coffee instead of trying to learn from listening to podcasts. If you speak Danish and would like to learn English please get in touch. Danny