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Female, From Finland
Living in Finland

Languages: Finnish, English, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), Estonian, Swedish, Japanese, Vietnamese
Learning: Vietnamese, Chinese (Mandarin), Swedish, Korean

Terve! :) I'd like to try video chatting (Skype?). I can teach you Finnish. And I am rather fluent in English too. 한국어를 다 잊어버릴까 봐 걱정해서 한국어로 대화하고 싶어요. Tôi muốn học tiếng Việt. :)
Female, From Russian Federation
Living in Russian Federation

Languages: Russian, English, Japanese, Finnish
Learning: Japanese, Finnish, English

I'm looking for language partners from Japan, UK and Finland. 日本語が分かります。 漢字を使ってください! 読めます。
Male, From Mexico
Living in Mexico

Languages: Spanish, English, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish
Learning: Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Portuguese, English

Hi! I'm mexican and I want to improve in Russian Swedish, English, Portuguese and Finnish. I also can help you with Spanish.
Female, From Italy
Living in Italy

Languages: Italian, English, Finnish, French
Learning: Finnish, French, English

Hello, I'm Erika. I'm Italian, and I dream to learn Finnish and French. I listen to metal music and folk, I sing, and I like cooking, especially sweets (people feel better when they eat sweets, haha) I would like to have foreign friends!
Male, From Spain
Living in Spain

Languages: Spanish, English, German, Finnish, Italian
Learning: English, Finnish, Italian, German

Hi, I'm Javi. I'm from Valencia, in Spain, and I want to learn languages in order to have the possibility of working abroad, and also because I like languages in general. So, I'm looking for partners form practice, and maybe, find new friends.
Male, From Other
Living in Other

Languages: French, Other, English, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, Finnish
Learning: Japanese, Finnish, German

皆さんこんにちは! 僕はフランス語と英語ができる人です! 私は日本が大好きです そして日本語が勉強します! 今は日本人と友達になりたい それから言語交換がしたい よろしくお願いします
Female, From Uruguay
Living in Uruguay

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Italian
Learning: Russian, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese

Hola, les puedo ayudar con el idioma español .Quiero mejorar mi conocimiento del ruso. Y aprender portugués.
Michael Davis
Michael Davis  
Male, From United States
Living in United States

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Finnish, German, Greek, Portuguese, Russian
Learning: Finnish, Russian, Greek, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French

I'm a student studying sign language interpretation. I enjoy learning foreign languages and enjoying talking to people from other countries as well as other language nerds like myself.
Female, From United States
Living in Germany

Languages: English, Finnish, Spanish, German, Chinese (Mandarin)
Learning: German, Chinese (Mandarin), Finnish, Spanish

Female, From China
Living in China

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), English, French, Japanese, Finnish, German, Russian
Learning: French, Russian, German, Finnish, Japanese, English

C'est Amandine en français. It's Amanda in English ^^
Female, From Other
Living in Other

Languages: Russian, English, Arabic, Finnish, German, Hindi
Learning: English, Hindi

Hello there, I am a Russian girl & my native language is Russian. I would like to practise my English skills with native English speakers. Contact me, feel free! ;)
Female, From Japan
Living in Japan

Languages: Japanese, English, Finnish, Persian (Farsi), Urdu
Learning: Persian (Farsi), Finnish, Urdu

I would love to study languages from other countries. Willing to help everyone with Japanese and English.
Female, From Belarus
Living in Belarus

Languages: Belarusian, Russian, English, German, Finnish, Swedish
Learning: Finnish, Swedish

I'm a keen language learner, that's all relevant. Oh, yes, I'm positive;)
Male, From Estonia
Living in Estonia

Languages: Russian, English, Estonian, Finnish
Learning: Finnish

Hello! I am 25-year-old student from Estonia, and looking for someone who could help me in Finnish language. In my turn, I could help with learning Russian, Estonian or English.
Male, From Poland
Living in Poland


Languages: Polish, English, Russian, German, Czech, Finnish
Learning: Finnish, Czech, German, Russian, English

Hi! My name is Daniel. My native language is Polish and I would love to teach you it. I learn Finnish, Russian, Czech, English and German. Feel free to contact me! ;)