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Female, From Russian Federation
Living in Russian Federation

Languages: Russian, English, French, Finnish
Learning: French, Finnish, English

J'étudie le français. Bienvenue, mes amis!
Female, From Uruguay
Living in Uruguay

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Italian
Learning: Russian, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese

Hola, les puedo ayudar con el idioma español .Quiero mejorar mi conocimiento del ruso. Y aprender portugués.
Male, From Japan
Living in Japan

Languages: Japanese, English, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
Learning: English, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

wanna work overseas!!
Male, From United States
Living in United States

Languages: English, Finnish, German, Other
Learning: Finnish, German

Michael, or Mike. Living in Central Florida. Interested in Finnish, German, and Northern Sámi.
Sophia Adler
Sophia Adler 
Female, From Ukraine
Living in Ukraine

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Polish, Finnish, Japanese, Swedish
Learning: Swedish, Japanese, Finnish, Polish, German, English

Hi! I'm looking for people, with whom I can freely communicate and simultaneously develop my language skills. Moreover I'd like to carry on learning Swedish ,that's why I'd like to meet such people, who can help me (: So feel free to write to me!
Female, From China
Living in China

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), English, French, Japanese, Finnish, German, Russian
Learning: French, Russian, German, Finnish, Japanese, English

C'est Amandine en français. It's Amanda in English ^^
Male, From Egypt
Living in Egypt

Languages: Arabic, English, Finnish
Learning: Finnish, English

An egyptian :) .. love Finland :) born to kind father and mother .. FEAR was my big enemy .. Now I have a dream .. and I will achieve it :) #medical_graduate .. #future_great_surgeon in a great country hauska tutustua ^_^
Male, From Sweden
Living in Sweden

Languages: Swedish, English, Russian, Finnish, German
Learning: German, Russian

Hey! I'm Erik from Sweden. I speak English/Swedish, and I am interested in improving my Russian.
Female, From Japan
Living in Japan

Languages: Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), English, Finnish
Learning: Finnish, English, Chinese (Mandarin)

I am a legal office worker in Japan. I speak Japanese, English and Chinese. Recently, started stydying Finnish. I want to make many friends. Please give me a message!
Female, From France
Living in France

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Finnish, Italian
Learning: English, Italian, Finnish, Spanish

Hello everybody, I'm a French student in international trade who loves languages for their sounds. I speak English, Spanish, a little bit of Italian and I'm trying to learn some Finnish. It would be great if I could improve them, so please don't hesi
Male, From France
Living in France

Languages: French, English, Finnish, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin)
Learning: Finnish, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, English

Terve, minä olen nuori ranskalainen kielienrakastaja. Olen ranskankielinen. Olen 20 vuotias ja asun nyt Ranskassa. Asuin Suomessa vaihto-oppilaana (2011-2012) Oulun lähellä.
Male, From Germany
Living in Germany

Languages: Russian, English, German, Danish, French, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish
Learning: German, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, French, Danish

I take great pleasure in learning and teaching languages. I have an educational background in linguistics and translation. I'm a native Russian and near-native English speaker. I live in the north of Germany.
shah gee
shah gee 
Male, From Pakistan
Living in Pakistan

Languages: Urdu, English, Finnish, German
Learning: Finnish, German, English

I am shah gee. A Developer and online marketing geek. I love my job. Simple person, simple life but little funny. Interested in to learn different Cultures of world. :)
Female, From Italy
Living in Finland

Languages: Italian, English, French, German, Finnish, Russian
Learning: German, Russian, Finnish

I study languages at University.
Female, From Norway
Living in Norway

Languages: Norwegian, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Finnish
Learning: Russian, Finnish

I love learning languages! I can help with Norwegian and English. View my teacher-profile for info :-)