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Get free language practice by exchanging your time teaching your native language for time learning a foreign language.
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Male, From Spain
Living in Spain

Languages: Spanish, German
Learning: German

Hallo zusammen!Ich bin Jordi und ich lerne seit fast drei Jahren Deutsch und ich würde gerne mein Deutsch üben.Mein Traum ist es sehr gut Deutsch schreiben und schreiben zu können.Ich kann dir natürlich mit deinem Spanisch helfen.Viele Grüsse!
Female, From Egypt
Living in Egypt

Languages: Arabic, English, German, Italian
Learning: German, Italian, English

I'm sally from Egypt ,, a student , i want to be successful at english ,, want to talk to all around the world
Male, From Russian Federation
Living in Russian Federation

Languages: Russian, English, German, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish
Learning: Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Ukrainian, English, German

Hi everyone! My name is Alex. I'm living in Russia and learning foreign languages. Currently i'm fluent in English and German. Also I speak a bit Polish, Ukrainian and very basically Norwegian and Swedish. I would be glad to communicate in any of th
Male, From Ukraine
Living in Ukraine

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, German
Learning: English, Italian

Hi! My name is Dima. I want to find friends here and improve my language skills. I like traveling and working with people). I'm psychologist and psychotherapist)) I love this job.
Male, From Tunisia
Living in Tunisia

Languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Russian
Learning: English, Spanish, French

Hi, I'm mohamed, i'm 25 years old ,i'm an electrical-automatic engineer, i like english and i want to be a native speaker, moreover i need it to finish my doctorate
Male, From France
Living in France

Languages: French, English, German
Learning: English

I am an engineer, and I would like to improve my English skills. I would be delighted to help you with your French
Male, From Other
Living in Saudi Arabia

Languages: English, German, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Japanese
Learning: German, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic

Hi,I am learning German and looking for:anyone who can help, or like to work together. I am willing to help with anything I can. I like to talk about TV shows mostly, open to other discussions also.
Diamond Gloss
Diamond Gloss 
Female, From Romania
Living in Moldova, Republic of

Languages: Romanian, Russian, French, English, German
Learning: French, German, English

Hello ! I'll be happy to talk to you in french, english, german, romanian or russian ! :)
Female, From Italy
Living in Italy

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese
Learning: English, German, French, Spanish

Hello everyone! I am a native Italian speaker, I love learning about other languages and cultures and I’d like to help people to learn about Italian language.
Female, From Indonesia
Living in Indonesia

Languages: Indonesian, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Learning: English

hi :) i'm yolanda from Indonesia. i want to improve my English and make friends. i also really interested to learn new language. so if you want to learn Indonesian and can help me learn one of that language, feel free to contact me :D
Sabrina Zhang
Sabrina Zhang 
Female, From China
Living in China

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, German
Learning: English, French, German

I just registered this website.I want to learn English,and if you want to learn Chinese,then contact me.
Male, From Hungary
Living in Hungary

Languages: Hungarian, English, German
Learning: German, English

Hello! I am from Hungary, speaking English, a little German, and Hungarian. I am now learning German, and any help will be really appreciated. I hope I can also help others. :-)
Male, From Argentina
Living in United Kingdom

Languages: Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Japanese
Learning: Japanese, Hebrew, French, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese

Anny Wu
Anny Wu 
Female, From Taiwan
Living in Taiwan

Languages: Chinese (Taiwanese), English, German, Japanese
Learning: English, Japanese, German

HI I am Anny from Taiwan. I am interested in learning English and other language as well. It would be great if u can share your cultures and ideas with me :)
Alistair Oakley
Alistair Oakley 
Male, From United Kingdom
Living in United Kingdom

Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese
Learning: French, Portuguese, German

Salut je m'appelle Alistair et je cherche pour des amis qui voulent pratiquer leurs anglais en echange pour un peut de conversation en français.