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Languages: Thai, Chinese (Mandarin), English, Arabic, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Russian
Learning: Arabic, Russian, German, Hebrew, Spanish, English, Chinese (Mandarin)

الســـــــــــلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته GOOD NEWS....I'm Arabic-student: i really love arabic language, and now i have a project: looking forward to meet arabe and israelise friends....n others
Female, From Turkey
Living in Turkey

Languages: Turkish, English, German
Learning: English, German

Salút ! I'm from Turkey-Antalya. I'm a senior student at department of chemistry. I learn English because of my further education.
Female, From Russian Federation
Living in United Kingdom

Languages: Russian, English, German, Danish, Icelandic
Learning: Icelandic, Danish, German

Hi, I am Liza, originally from St Petersburg, Russia, but now I'm doing my PhD in the UK. Aside from Russian (my native language) and English, I know a little German and now I am studying Danish and Icelandic / Old Norse.
Male, From Spain
Living in Spain

Languages: Spanish, English, French, German
Learning: English

Me llamo Jorge tnego 30 años y soy profesor de primaria en mi ciudad. Soy de Valaldolid (castilla y léon). Soy hablante nativo de español y busco gente native que hable inglés para inercambiar idioma. No dudes en hacerme preguntas sobre español
Frederico Muñoz
Frederico Muñoz 
Male, From Portugal
Living in Portugal

Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German
Learning: German

Hello! I'm currently learning German and will welcome language partners for quick, no strings attached chatting! I'm still in the very beginning so don't expect much. I speak native Portuguese (I'm from Lisbon) and fluent English (above C2 level).
Adam Libuša
Adam Libuša 
Male, From Slovakia
Living in Spain

Languages: Slovak, Czech, English, German, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish
Learning: Spanish

A Slovak guy that decided to travel and learn languages. Current goal: C2 in Spanish.
Female, From Egypt
Living in Egypt

Languages: Arabic, English, German, Japanese, Spanish
Learning: Spanish, Japanese, German

I am a native Arabic speaker. I am from Egypt. I am learning Japanese, Spanish and German.
Irina 이리나 伊莉娜
Irina 이리나 伊莉娜 
Female, From Ukraine
Living in Ukraine

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese
Learning: Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin)

R Hadrien
R Hadrien 
Male, From France
Living in France

Languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian
Learning: English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, German

Hello, I'm Hadrien and I'm french. I'm learning English German and Spanish at school, Japenese. Contact me and let's talk on Skype ( only by writting for the moment ) I need your help for improving my Japenese and my Spanish :D
From Mexico
Living in Mexico

Languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese
Learning: German, Portuguese

A coach who is training too.
Male, From Serbia
Living in Serbia

Languages: Serbian, English, Spanish, Esperanto, German, Swedish, Icelandic, Turkish
Learning: Spanish, Turkish, Icelandic, Esperanto, German, Swedish

Hello. My name is Mladen and I'm from Serbia. I study Electronic Engineering at Belgrade University, Serbia. I was born in a small town called Negotin, in east Serbia. I've lived in Belgrade for five years now. I'm semi-fluent in English (which I've
Female, From Brazil
Living in Brazil

Languages: Portuguese, English, German
Learning: German, English

I'm from Brazil, I'm a nice person and I'm looking forward to keep practicing my English skills. I really like the language and also, take some adventure trying to learn German. If you wanna help me you are very welcome! So, let's do it!
Male, From Argentina
Living in Argentina

Languages: Spanish, English, German
Learning: German

Looking foward to meet people from around the world and improve my german, such as other languages. I am open person, so feel free to chat with me.
Female, From Greece
Living in Sweden

Languages: Greek, English, Italian, Swedish, German
Learning: German

Hi there! My name is Chrysa and I am interested in improving my German skills. Apart from Greek that is my native language, I also speak fluent English and good Swedish and Italian.
Male, From United States
Living in Germany

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Learning: Spanish, French

I would like to have conversations on skype in order to work on my French and Spanish.I can help you with English and German in exchange. Skype is shagruezz