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Male, From Turkey
Living in Turkey

Languages: Turkish, English, Greek, Latin, Russian
Learning: Russian, Latin, Greek, English

My name is Çağlar I an Archaeologist and I want to improve to my english and This photo belongs to me ı will be glad..ıf u dont ignore to me
Male, From United Kingdom
Living in United Kingdom

Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Latin
Learning: English

"The best way to find Truth is to lose yourself"
Tutor Jay
Tutor Jay 
Male, From United States
Living in United States

Languages: English, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish
English (American version) is my native language. I would be happy to help you practice it through conversation. I use Skype for language learning. Send me a message with your Skype name and we'll be good to go.
Male, From Russian Federation
Living in Russian Federation

Languages: Russian, English, French, German, Swedish, Latin
Learning: Latin, German, French, English

Looking for an English partner, who is studying the Russian language for mutual aid in learning languages.
Male, From Iran, Islamic Republic of
Living in Iran, Islamic Republic of

Languages: Persian (Farsi), English, Arabic, Latin
Learning: English, Latin

Would you like to speak? I`m waiting for you! Don`t forget, Your ENTHUSIASM is invaluable. It's my skype account: "king.of. the. king.1".
Female, From Germany
Living in Germany

Languages: German, English, Latin, Spanish, Korean, Turkish
Learning: Korean

Lucía González
Lucía González 
Female, From Spain
Living in Spain

Languages: Spanish, English, Latin, French
Learning: English, French, Latin

I'm from Almería, Spain; I'm 17 years old, I like Pretty Little Liars and period dramas. I'll start college next year, I'm learning French I'm looking for people to talk in French,I want to improve it because I'll go to college and study Translation
Male, From Japan
Living in Japan

Languages: Japanese, English, German, French, Greek, Italian, Latin, Spanish
Learning: English, Italian, Greek, French, Spanish, Latin, German

Hello everyone! I am Takumi, reside in Japan, majoring in philosophy at Sophia University. Feel free to contact me anytime :)
Male, From Czech Republic
Living in Czech Republic

Languages: Czech, Slovak, English, Russian, Latin, Spanish
Learning: Russian, English

Всем привет! Я здесь, чтобы найти друзей, с которыми можно общаться на русском языке. Я предлагаю вам помощь в изуении чешского языка))
Male, From Croatia
Living in Croatia

Languages: Croatian, English, German, Latin, Spanish
Follow my language activities on and YouTube [Grgo Petrov]. Looking for those who are interested in Croatian and its varieties, English and German. =)
Male, From China
Living in China

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Other), English, Esperanto, French, German, Latin, Sanskrit
Learning: Latin, Sanskrit, French, German, Esperanto, English

I'm currently learning Germanic languages, Romance languages, Esperanto and Manchu, and I'm also quite fascinated by the beauty of Native American languages.....for example> Navajo, Inuktitut, Cheyenne, Tlingt...etc
Female, From Russian Federation
Living in Russian Federation

Languages: Russian, English, Czech, Latin
Learning: English, Latin, Czech

Hello ) I learn English, Czech and Latin languages ) I would like to find new friends and soulmates :)
Female, From United States
Living in United States

Languages: English, Latin, French, German, Tajik, Swedish
Learning: Swedish, Tajik, French, German

I'm a native English speaker! I would love to help people learn English and learn some of your own native language.
Male, From France
Living in France

Languages: English, French, German, Esperanto, Latin, Norwegian, Afrikaans, Arabic
Learning: Norwegian, Afrikaans, Arabic, German

Hello! My name is William and I'm French. My native languages are French and English. I'm very keen on languages and wish I could speak all the languages of the world ... even if I know it's impossible. So I content myself with German, Latin, Arabic,
Female, From Austria
Living in Austria

Languages: English, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Latin, Spanish
Learning: Spanish, Portuguese

Right now I'm learning Spanish and European Portuguese! :-)