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Karsten Brabaender
Karsten Brabaender  
Male, From Viet Nam
Living in Viet Nam

Languages: German, English, Latin, Japanese, French, Vietnamese, Khmer, Lao
Learning: Vietnamese

I am a German native-speaker now have been living and working in Vietnam for more than 5 years. After my graduation at university, specializing in Vietnamese prehistory, I decided to come here for my studies. I liked it so much that I stayed here, th
Female, From Argentina
Living in Argentina

Languages: Spanish, French, English, Latin, Japanese, Dutch, Russian
Learning: English, Russian, Dutch, French

Me llamo Michelle pero me dicen Michi :) Soy argentina y actualmente estudiante de secundaria. Me gustaria intercambiar conocimientos de español con personas que hablen inglés, francés o ruso y por que no divertinos al mismo tiempo! n.n
Female, From United States
Living in United States

Languages: English, Latin, French, German, Swedish, Tajik
Learning: Swedish, Tajik, French, German

I'm a native English speaker! I would love to help people learn English and learn some of your own native language.
Male, From Austria
Living in Austria

Languages: German, English, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
Learning: Portuguese, Italian, Spanish

I studied Latin at university; therefore I like Romance languages!
Male, From Spain
Living in Spain

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German, Latin, Hindi, Japanese
Hola, I'm a native Spanish speaker who loves languages so I can help you learn Spanish by just talking or by giving you lessons about any grammar or language issue you may need help with. I can talk to you in Spanish, English or French.
Ri Michael
Ri Michael 
Male, From Mexico
Living in Mexico

Languages: Spanish, English, German, Latin, French, Polish, Russian
Learning: Russian, Polish, French, German, Latin

-Interested in languages.....learning slowly but getting there...=)
Bram Osterhout
Bram Osterhout 
Male, From United States
Living in United States

Languages: English, Latin, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian
Learning: German, Russian, Spanish

I absolutely love Germany and the German language and would like to achieve fluency (I'm currently very comfortable conversing in German). I am also currently learning Russian and Spanish.
Vera Plchin
Vera Plchin 
Female, From Germany
Living in Brazil

Languages: German, Russian, Portuguese, English, Latin, Norwegian, Spanish
Learning: Norwegian, Spanish

Hey, my name is Vera and I'm from Germany. I've already been to several countries in Europe. I went for a year to Campinas, Brazil (youth for understanding) and also lived for some time in Siberia, Russia.
Male, From United Kingdom
Living in United Kingdom

Languages: Italian, English, French, Latin, Spanish
Learning: English

"The best way to find Truth is to lose yourself"
Male, From Chile
Living in Chile

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Latin
Learning: English, Latin, Portuguese

hi, I'm here in italki to ask for help to improve my English and thus achieve a fluid English, I can also help with the Spanish.
Aj Sotto
Aj Sotto 
Male, From Puerto Rico
Living in United States

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese (Mandarin), German, Italian, Latin, Russian
Learning: German, Italian, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Latin, French

Hi! I'm Armando. English and Spanish native speaker. I'm looking for someone that can teach me French, Chinese, Russian, German, Portuguese and Italian.
David Herting
David Herting  
Male, From Germany
Living in Germany

Languages: German, English, Latin, Spanish, Kurdish, Persian (Farsi)
Learning: Kurdish, Persian (Farsi), Spanish

Hey, my name is David, I am 18 and my favourite animal is probably the sloth.
Male, From Turkey
Living in Turkey

Languages: Turkish, English, Greek, Latin, Russian
Learning: Russian, Latin, Greek, English

My name is Çağlar I an Archaeologist and I want to improve to my english and This photo belongs to me ı will be glad..ıf u dont ignore to me
Male, From Italy
Living in Italy

Languages: Italian, Other, English, Latin, French, German, Hungarian
Learning: Hungarian

Male, From Romania
Living in Russian Federation

Languages: Russian, French, Romanian, English, Latin, Spanish
Learning: French, Latin, Romanian

Je suis ici pour s'exercer à parler français et d'autres langues.