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Male, From Barbados
Living in Barbados

Languages: Other, English
Learning: English

Female, From Algeria
Living in Algeria

Languages: Arabic, Other, English, French, Korean
Learning: Korean

안녕하세요.. 한국어 공부하고있어요!
Female, From Italy
Living in Spain

Languages: Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, English, Other
"If you talk to a man in a language he understands that goes to his head, if you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart"- Nelson Mandela
shanie sy
shanie sy  
Female, From Philippines
Living in Philippines

Languages: English, Filipino (Tagalog), Other, Sign Language
Learning: Sign Language, Other

Hello! You can call me Shanie. I was born and brought up in the Philippines. Teaching is my passion. There are always something new for us to learn every day, and I'm happy that I get to do this
Male, From Romania
Living in Romania


Languages: Romanian, English, German, Serbian, Khmer, Other
Learning: Khmer, Other

Experience: 4 years teaching adults German and Romanian ; 3 years as German teacher in the elementary school. Education : diploma from German secondary school qualifying for university admission or m
Male, From Tunisia
Living in Tunisia

Languages: Arabic, French, Other, English, Spanish, Russian, Swedish
Learning: Spanish, Russian, Swedish

Hello my new friends,my name is aymen,21 years old. I am a junior student majoring in Finance from Tunisia. I would like to be proficient in english in order to master it as an efficient tool that I'll be using in my professional life later on. I am
Female, From China
Living in Switzerland

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Other, English, German
Learning: German, English

Hallo!Mein name ist Hu Xueying. Ich komme aus China,aus Shanghai.Sie können mich auch Zoe anrufen. I am a graduate student, currently living in Luzern Switzerland. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch.I also want to improve my Deutsch level.
Male, From Poland
Living in Poland

Languages: Polish, English, Spanish, Latin, Portuguese, Greek, Other
Learning: Greek, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, English

Hola a todos! Me llamo Patryk y soy polaco que estudia unos idiomas extranjeros. Me gustaria conocer nueva gente aqui, mejorar mis lenguas y ayudar a alguien aprender polaco :) Hi everyone, my name's Patryk and I'm Polish guy who learns language
Female, From France
Living in France

Languages: French, Other, English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin)
Learning: Chinese (Mandarin), English

I'll be ignored so much that my nickname will turn into Terms And Conditions. But still ,I'm writing my intro just in case… I'm Mélissa, I'm 17 and I'm French.I like Asia and learning about other cultures.I'm learning Chinese since my 10th grade,
Female, From Russian Federation
Living in China

Languages: Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), English, Other
Learning: Other, English, Chinese (Mandarin)

大家好! 我真喜欢学习汉语))我很想跟大家成为朋友!很想用中国话聊天)) 如果关于俄语有问题尽管问我吧!
Male, From Other
Living in Belgium

Languages: Other, Dutch, French, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Learning: Swedish, French, Spanish, Turkish

Sumit malik
Sumit malik 
Male, From India
Living in India

Languages: Hindi, Other, Punjabi, Urdu, English, Sanskrit, Chinese (Mandarin), French
Learning: English, Sanskrit

hii.. friends, i'm just a simple boy.. funny by nature, but little shy in nature when talk with girls, i believe in friendship by heart and whenever i mean someone as my friend i will always with him in happyness and misery.. this is what i am :)
Female, From Ireland
Living in Ireland

Languages: English, Gaelic (Irish), Spanish, Albanian, Other, Russian, Hindi
Learning: Spanish, Hindi, Russian, Other, Albanian

Hey! I enjoy learning languages. I speak English, Irish and am learning Spanish, Russian, German and Albanian.
Male, From Canada
Living in Philippines

Languages: English, Other, Spanish, Italian
Learning: Spanish, Italian

I mostly offer spontaneous conversation practice to allow students to enhance their current skill level in the practical usage of English. My methods are interesting and built to strengthen one's basic foundation with ease and speed.
Male, From Italy
Living in Italy

Languages: Italian, Latin, Other, English, French, Japanese, Spanish
Learning: English, Spanish, Japanese, French

Ciao! I'm Francesco. I will teach you the Italian, if you will allow me. I'm a native Italian speaker. I've done literary studies, and now I study medecine. Come talk to me! Sono qui per voi ;)