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Female, From Maldives
Living in Maldives

Languages: Other, English, Arabic
Learning: Arabic

Male, From Tunisia
Living in Tunisia

Languages: Arabic, French, Other, English, Spanish, Russian, Swedish
Learning: Spanish, Russian, Swedish

Hello my new friends,my name is aymen,21 years old. I am a junior student majoring in Finance from Tunisia. I would like to be proficient in english in order to master it as an efficient tool that I'll be using in my professional life later on.
From Mexico
Living in Mexico

Languages: Spanish, English, Other
I want to practise with native speakers as well as learners.
Female, From Other
Living in Other

Languages: Klingon, Other, Spanish, English
Learning: English

Furthermore (además), at any rate (en cualquier caso), Whereby (por lo cual), throughout (a través de), or else (de lo contrario, o bien, sino), Therefore, Thus, Hence (por lo tanto), as long as (siempre que)
Female, From Philippines
Living in Philippines

Languages: English, Other, Filipino (Tagalog), Japanese
Hi I'm Jan, I have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, I worked as a Customer Care Specialist for Apple. Teaching is one of my passions. I'm available to teach and interact with people wh
Female, From Algeria
Living in Algeria

Languages: Arabic, English, French, Korean, Other
Learning: Korean

저는 헤란이에요. 전 고등학교학생이에요 . 전 18살이에요 전 한국어배우고싶어요 .도와주세요
Male, From Other
Living in Italy

Languages: English, Gaelic (Irish), Italian, Welsh, Quichua, Zulu, Nahuatl, Other
Learning: Other, Nahuatl, Zulu, Quichua

Male, From Myanmar
Living in Myanmar

Languages: Burmese, Other, Chinese (Mandarin), English
Learning: English

Hello everybody, I'm so glad being a member on an italki. My name is Tulum. I'm from Myanmar. I'm a student and learning language such as Italian, Chinese and English. To be honest, I'm very keen on learning new languages and I'd love to make new fr
Male, From Russian Federation
Living in Russian Federation

Languages: Russian, German, English, Italian, Other
Learning: English

Chen-Chen Liu
Chen-Chen Liu 
Female, From Taiwan
Living in Taiwan

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Taiwanese), English, German, Japanese, Other
Learning: German, Other, Japanese, English

I'm native speaker of Chinese, and learning English, German and Japanese. Nice to meet you!!
John Nicholas Alves
John Nicholas Alves  
Male, From China
Living in China

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Other), English, French, German, Japanese, Other, Spanish
Learning: English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German

I am a Chinese boy,20 years old ,and I want to improve my english and make friends I have QQ:412301546 And Skype :ko_ko2012Alves
Male, From Brazil
Living in Brazil

Languages: Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish, Japanese, Afrikaans, Other
Learning: Afrikaans, Other, Japanese

Computer Science undergraduate particularly interested in Asian and Romance languages. Trying to learn Equatorian Quechua and Zhuang.
Thomas Learns HINDI
Thomas Learns HINDI 
Male, From India
Living in India

Languages: English, Other, Hindi, Spanish
Learning: Hindi, Spanish

Looking for language partners --- Skype - thomasgb4
Male, From Lebanon
Living in Lebanon

Languages: Arabic, French, Other
Learning: Other, French

iran fine game arabic not know
Witch hunter
Witch hunter 
Male, From United States
Living in Virgin Islands, U.S.

Languages: Other, Romanian, English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Learning: English, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese

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