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Male, From Netherlands
Living in Netherlands

Languages: Dutch, Arabic, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish
Learning: Russian, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Swedish

Female, From Poland
Living in Poland

Languages: Polish, English, German, Spanish, French, Swedish
Learning: French, Swedish, Spanish

I am native Polish speaker and I know English quite well. I can help you with those languages If you could help me with French, Swedish or Spanish :)
Male, From Italy
Living in Italy

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Swedish, Catalan, French, Portuguese, Russian
Learning: Spanish, Russian, Catalan, French, Portuguese, Swedish, English

Alguien que me ayuda a mejorar mi Español? Yo puedo ayudarte con italiano! :-)
Male, From Ireland
Living in Ireland

Languages: English, Gaelic (Irish), Spanish, Dutch, Swedish
Learning: Spanish, Dutch, Swedish

Hola, quiero practicar mi español y puedo ayudar con tu Inglés o Irlandés.. Tengo 28 años. Me gusta la música, (canto y toco la guitarra) salir con mis amigos, películas y viajar.
Female, From Egypt
Living in Egypt

Languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Swedish
Learning: French, Spanish, Swedish

My name's Marina. I'm fluent in Arabic (it's my native language) and English. My goal is to improve my French as well as learn some new languages. Feel free to contact me.
Male, From Japan
Living in United States

Languages: Japanese, English, Norwegian, Swedish
Learning: Swedish, Norwegian

Hello everyone, my name is Masaki. I like having conversation exchanges with people around the world, and as you can see, I like ice cream too much :)
Female, From United Kingdom
Living in United Kingdom

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Hindi, Spanish, Swedish
Learning: Swedish, Hindi, Spanish

Hi :) I come from the UK and English is my native language. I would be happy to help you learn English and I am also interested in meeting people who speak French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Hindi to practise with.
Male, From United States
Living in United States

Languages: English, Russian, German, Italian, Swedish
Learning: Swedish, Italian, Russian

An American student interested in Italian, and Russian (among others). Just nu vill jag hittar personer med vem jag kan prata Svenska!
Marco Heß
Marco Heß 
Male, From Germany
Living in Germany

Languages: German, English, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish
Learning: Slovak, Spanish, Swedish

I'm traveller and I want to learn a lot of languages :)
Emelie Hansson
Emelie Hansson 
Female, From Sweden
Living in Sweden

Languages: Swedish, English, Japanese
Learning: Japanese

Hello! My name is Emelie (Emily). I am currently studying japanese so that I one day could be more fluent and perhaps live in Japan. I also hope to make some friends here on italki!
Male, From Mexico
Living in Mexico

Languages: Spanish, English, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish
Learning: Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Portuguese, English

Hi! I'm mexican and I want to improve in Russian Swedish, English, Portuguese and Finnish. I also can help you with Spanish.
Lee Harley
Lee Harley  
Male, From United Kingdom
Living in United Kingdom

Languages: English, Danish, Swedish, Greek, Russian, Spanish
Learning: Greek, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish

Man skal aldrig slå større brød end man kan bage...
Said Ma
Said Ma 
Male, From Morocco
Living in Morocco

Languages: Arabic, French, English, German, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
Learning: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English

Male, From South Africa
Living in New Zealand

Languages: English, Afrikaans, French, German, Swedish
Learning: French, Swedish, German, Afrikaans

I'm doing a PhD in Linguistics, and I've picked up fragments of quite a few languages over the years, but I'm looking to improve some of them, particularly my Afrikaans and French.
Male, From Norway
Living in Canada


Languages: Norwegian, English, Russian, Swedish, Danish, German, Dutch, French
Learning: Russian, French

Je veux parler en francais