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Male, From Sweden
Living in Sweden

Languages: Swedish, English, Japanese
Learning: Japanese

I've recently started studying Japanese again (studied it several years ago as well, but had to give up as I had to move) and so far it's going good, but I need someone to practise with. :)
Female, From France
Living in France

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Swedish
Learning: English, Swedish, Spanish

i'm looking for foreigners to discover other cultures :)
Female, From Australia
Living in Australia

Languages: English, Swedish
Learning: Swedish

Hey guys, Im a native English speaker, I've lived in Sweden for a tad, looking to develop my Swedish language skills. Happy to Skype : ) I can offer English in return.
Ahmed Hamdy
Ahmed Hamdy 
Male, From Egypt
Living in Egypt

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Swedish
Learning: Swedish, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Spanish

Medical student finds his life fun in learning new languages
Male, From Sweden
Living in Singapore

Languages: Swedish, English, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean
Learning: Korean

Originally from Sweden, now living in Singaporesince 5 years. Previously lived in Dubai, Hong Kong and London. Currently studying Korean
Female, From Russian Federation
Living in Russian Federation


Languages: Russian, English, Spanish, German, Swedish
Learning: English, Spanish

Hello, I am from Moscow, Russia. I just started learning Swedish and I can help you with Russian. My interests are: metal music, children's books, animals... :)
Sanad Shamsan
Sanad Shamsan 
Male, From Yeman
Living in Saudi Arabia

Languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Japanese, Swedish
Learning: French, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Swedish

I'm Sanad from Yemen living now in KSA , i am willing to study French , Chinese , then Swedish and Japanese . I am interseted in Languages and cultures. I am ready to help learn Arabic for those need that.
Male, From France
Living in France

Languages: French, Chinese (Mandarin), English, Swedish
Learning: Chinese (Mandarin)

French little guy attempting Chinese (Mandarin). I'm a total beginner. Feel free to add me and message me if you want an exchange French/Chinese.
Oliver Lu
Oliver Lu 
Male, From Taiwan
Living in Taiwan

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Swedish
Learning: French, Swedish, English

I am a student from Taiwan. I enjoy making friends, experiencing culture and learning languages.
Female, From Korea, Republic of
Living in Korea, Republic of

Languages: Korean, English, Italian, Czech, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Japanese, Swedish
Learning: Italian, French

Hello. I am from Seoul, Korea. I love learning and teaching languages. Right now, I am studying to be a Korean teacher. I am looking for Korean language students. Besides, I am learning Italian, and planning to learn French soon. Thanks.
Male, From Mexico
Living in Mexico

Languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Chinese (Mandarin)
Learning: German, Chinese (Mandarin)

I am here in italki looking for people who are willing to talk with me in the languages I am learning, so I can practice and learn better, or vice versa, I am willing to speak my languages with anyone who wants to practice.
Male, From Other
Living in Other

Languages: Other, English, German, Swedish, Croatian, Romanian, Spanish
Learning: English, Croatian, Spanish, Romanian, Swedish, German

I'm a language learner, I'm looking for some language partners to help each other in our learning journey. If you are really want to learn, don't hesitate to contact me.
Male, From United States
Living in United States

Languages: English, Norwegian, Swedish
Learning: Norwegian, Swedish

Hey! I'm learning Norwegian and Swedish. I would really like Norwegian and Swedish friends to chill with and talk to. I can help you with English if you'd like. And I will try to answer all messages. Anyway, I hope everyone has a nice day.
Male, From Brazil
Living in Brazil

Languages: Portuguese, French, Swedish, Welsh
Learning: Swedish, French, Welsh

Looking for new friends to practice languages with. :)
Male, From Netherlands
Living in Netherlands

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Learning: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Swedish