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how to say "kiss" in arabic?

and plz give some example sentences

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    kiss :

    Qobla is Linguistic native arabic

    Boossa is 'farisi' but also used in arabic , and it's the most used in many arabic countries more than Qobla

    examples :

    - this is a kiss : hatihi Qobla ( boossa)
    - give me a kiss : aatini Qobla ( booosa)
    - i want kiss you : ouridou TAQBILAKA (for male) / TAQBILAKI (for fem)
    - i want you to kiss me : ouridou minka/minki (mas/fem) TAQBILI
    - i want from you a kiss : ouridou minka/minki Qobla/Boossa
    - kiss me (said to fem ) : Qabbilini / boossini
    - // (said to Male ) : Qabbilni/ boossni

    another example :

    - kiss me mama : Qabbilini mama / boossini mama
    - kiss me papa : Qabbilni baba / boossni baba

    But there is a lot of derivations , past , future ..etc

    something like that ~.~

    boosa , or kopla .

    En arabe: ( عناق ، بوسة...، (قبل و يقبل
    En français : " embrasser ".

    kiss means kobla en arabe
    i kiss my brother : okabbilo akhi
    my mother kiss me every morning : ommi tokabbiloni kolla sabah
    i wish help u

    give me a kiss
    أريد أن أقبّلك
    I want to kiss you

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