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Is there a word which pronunciation is "tahurah"?

I find a word ,I just know its pronunciation is "tahurah", it means "clean,not dirty",but I don't know its spelling,can you tell me ?Maybe it is from Persian.
Thank you.

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yes,"tahurah" is from طاهر or طهورا ,the spelling of "tahurah" appears to be " طهوره ",maybe طهوره is the old spelling.isn't it?

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    Hi Ali.

    It's a name for women;we use it in Farsi.
    It's origin is from Quran:
    (و انزلنا من السماء ماء طهورا)
    which means Purifying,Sanctifier,Purging,Scouring,
    It also means clean and pure figuratively.

    The main word is "طهور,Tahour" which means Purifying,Sanctifier,Purging,Scouring,OK?
    The other words are its derivations."Tahoura" is its indefinite form which has been common in Farsi and "Tahoureh" is its feminine form in Arabic but is not so common in Farsi.

    Bye dude.

    In Persian clean means:
    پاك ، پاكيزه ، تميز، نظيف ، طاهر
    "طاهر "
    is the word you mean !

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