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Can anyone post the full chemical name of titan? Can't seem to find it on Google really.

...and just for the record, I don't mind all the 189,819 here.

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I mean all the 189,819 letters it contains.

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    This is nonsense. Astronomical bodies do not have chemical names, because each one is not a single chemical but a combination of a large number of different chemicals.
    The constituents of Titan have their own chemical names, but not the moon as a whole. Furthermore, the specific word cited is composed of many repetitions of subunits (methionyl-, polyleucyl-, glutamyl-, etc.) naming amino acids, which makes it the name of a protein. No one has ever suggested that Titan is composed of protein.

    The whole thing is a confusion of spelling. The 189,819-letter word in question does exist, but it is the name of the protein titin according to the system known as IUPAC nomenclature. Titin, also known as Connectin, is a human protein that plays a role in muscle contraction.

    Whether this string of letters is actually "the longest word in the English language" is also doubtful. Makers of dictionaries consider chemical names of this sort to be "verbal formulae" rather than actual words.

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