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Do japanese middle and high school students only have 3 years for each to complete?

I heard that Japanese high school is 3 years long
and that also goes for middle school students

Is this true?

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    yes, the middle school is called Chuugaku (中学) and the high school is called Koukou (高校)
    both take 3 years to complete. besides that the elementary school is called Shougaku (小学) and takes 6 years to complete, so 12 years to be ready to go to college ^^


    The education in public school starts at the age of 6. We spend 6 years in elementary school, then 3 years in junior high(middle) school, then 3 years in senior high school. We don't have the concept of "grade", but if we say in the way, 1-6 in elementary school, 7-9 middle school, 10-12 high school.

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