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delf a2 exam in a few days!!

hey everyone , im going to apply to the delf a2 exam and i was hoping that some one may give me some advice or give me links for preperation exams , merci =)

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    I suggest that you look at past exam papers and attempt to do them before your exam



    Si tu as besoin de pratiquer ton Français, tu peux me contacter...
    En attendant, bon courage !

    Salut, comment ça va?
    Je vous souhaite un bon succès!
    Voilà ce link qui pourra vous aider à tester ton niveau :

    Bon courage! been wanting to take the same level of exam since last year, but maybe this year I will go for it! :) I was told that the "AlterEgo" book we are using in Alliance Francaise is the best reference material for those wanting to pass the delf exams.. haven't tried taking the exam so I can't attest to this yet, but maybe you should read these books just in case :)

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