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what does this mean: nega sengakeso, camsi kitairio?

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    I got the first phrase, but didn't obviously understand the next one.
    I guess Nega sengakeso means like 'I'm thinking of'.
    Camsi kitairio which you want to know may be Jamsi kitaryo. I'm not sure for that.
    It means 'Just a moment' or 'Hang on' something anyway.

    Might the first sentence be 내가 생각했어 'I thought about it' (then: Wait a minute!)

    내가 생각이 있어 잠시 기다려
    (I have idea, to wait ) ????

    My guess, this sentence is an informal expression. It's possibly "내가 생각했어. 잠시 기다려?" that means "I (have) thought about it. Should i wait (more) for a while?"

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