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can anyone tell me what does it mean thxx 好かれたまた明日ね

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    I strongly agree Poisonous Apple-san. It should be

    If you heard it on phone or TV, maybe it just sounded like 「すかれた」 because つ and す are similar in a way.
    If you saw it on chatting or email, it should be a typo.

    Who did compose this phrase?

    @Poisonous Apple: You are joking, your phrase 疲れたまた明日ね looked that - See you tomorrow tired?

    好かれたまた明日ね - maybe this phrase was not composed grammatically correct - it sounds like that - "I liked that tomorrow"

    So it maybe written otherwise:
    I would like to see that tomorrow - 私は明日見てみたい。 or 明日、それを見たいと思います。

    It's a real difficult task, but thanks of explanations of Bobo and Poisonous Apple I may answer to him:



    I also agree with Poisonous Apple-san and chihiro_ito-san.
    「すかれたまたあしたね」doesn't make sense.
    Only 「つかれた。また明日ね」 makes sense.

    Maybe the phrsae "好かれたまた明日ね" is not correct?
    It should be written such: 「疲れたまた明日ね」, it also make sense!

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