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what is the jap translation of this: Gathering the knowledge and unite as one. HELP! I badly need it. :(

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    The first, do you know the meaning of the word "jap"?
    知識をあつめて、みんなで頑張ろう!って感じですかね。Gathering the knowledge, unite as oneのほうが正しいのでは?

    The knowledge of what you have gathered???


    Oh sorry i should have answered in English. "Gathering the knowledge and unite as one" doesn't really make sense as an English sentence. Rather it should be "Gathering knowledge to unite as one" (which still isn't a sentence but makes sense as a phrase) or "Gather knowledge and unite as one" (a predicate phrase). Gathering is a gerund so it acts like a noun in a sentence. If you want a full subject phrase it should be "Gathering knowledge and uniting as one." The Japanese sentence you came up with doesn't really make sense. Could you specify what you meant by the sentence?

    watashi tachi wa chishiki wo atsumete hitotsu ni naru
    watashi tachi = we
    wa = will
    chishiki = knowledge
    wo atsumete = to gather (future tense)
    hitotsu = one
    ni naru = to become (future tense)
    Hope this helps :)

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