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Kahan kho gaye hain?

Not sure if it's right written, it means "where have you disappeared" but is it the formal/plural form? what would be the friendly form? Or the formal ? Or all of the possible forms? Here it doesn't say aap or tum... so I'm confused :(

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    "aap" reflect mostly single person.
    "tum" reflect bunch of person.

    Kahan kho gaye hain?
    Kahan means where.
    kho means disappeared, lost

    More phrase
    1. Kahan chup gaya hai .
    2. Koi dikhai nahi de raha hai.

    check this link:
    Good Luck :) :)


    Namaste Leo ji,
    Aap kaisi ho ? How are U ?

    In this sentence ' AAP ' (you) is assumed (hidden) since the use of GAYE (form of verb). If U R to make Past tense sentence : TUM KAHAAN KHO GAYAA or THA. However, invariably U use AAP form to give respect.

    By the way, Do U know the meaning of KHONAA (root verb) ?
    Pl get back to me.

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    Can't U see me ?
    Would U like to have a Hindi session with me.
    Pl cnfirm Whether U want to take it HERE or on Skype / ym / g-talk etc.
    My id is ' mdchaskar '
    Just add in yr contacts and inform accordingly.

    fir milenge,

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