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Does anyone know any good French movies that would help with learning French?

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    The following are recent French film releases (2010, 2011):

    You better watch English subtitled ones.

    Deux jours à tuer, un très beau film!!! Mais c'est dur à comprendre quand même.
    Le premier jour du reste de ta vie. C'est bien.
    Jeux d'enfants.
    Quand tu les auras vus, dis-moi s'ils t'ont plu :)


    Dark Portals, Amelie, District B-13... All great French movies :)

    To my mind the best if you like series, emissions is to see on these sites:
    On "m6" you can watch french tv in french version and in orginal version sometimes^^
    I hope that will help you :)



    It will be good for you to watch a French movie and then try to speak about it with a French person... to improve your speaking and understanding.
    Good luck !

    I loved Potiche starring Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu and Fabrice Luchini.

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