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What is the meaning of this short danish dialogue

A:Hvad er der i vejen
B:Jeg er meget,meget forkølet!
A:Det var ikke så godt.God bedring!

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    One translation could be this;

    A: What's wrong?
    B: I'm very, very cold!
    A: It was not so good. Good recovery!

    A better translation would be;

    A: What's wrong?
    B: I have a bad cold.
    A: That isn't so good.. recover soon!

    "Hvad er der i vejen" directly means "What's in the way/What's blocking the way?", but it has the exact same meaning as "What's wrong?" which directly translated is "Hvad er der galt?" that also can be used here.
    To be "forkølet" is simply to have a cold. "God bedring" is a wish that the person sick will get healthy again soon, recover from the illness.
    As for "Det var ikke så godt" is more tricky and I'm not sure there's a better, direct translation of it than "That wasn't so good"; you could also use "Det er jeg ked af at høre"/"I'm sorry to hear that."

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