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What does these words mean, like "Hnya"; "lanjut beraktivitas ampe nanti malam"

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    Hnya is short ver from hanya. It mean only.

    Ampe is slang language from Sampai.

    I hope it will help u ^^

    hanya= only,Lanjut beraktivitas ampe nanti malam.Advance more activity comming night.
    Meaning of "ampe=? I also don' know exectly.
    Nyo"from burma

    "hanya" = only or just

    "lanjut beraktivitas sampai malam" = continue the activities until night

    "Hnya" is shorter word from "hanya" and it means "only/just" in english.
    and also "Ampe" is shorter word from "Sampai" means "until". In the sentence you asked means "continue the activity until night". just like that.
    I'm Indonesian, and I hope it will help u. ;)

    1) "Hnya" (informal form/sms typing form) >>> short form of "Hanya">> means >>"Only/Just"

    2) "lanjut beraktivitas ampe nanti malam"

    "lanjut" or "melanjutkan" >>means>> "to continue" or "keep on"

    "beraktivitas" >>means>> "having activities"

    "ampe" (informal form) or "sampai" (formal form) >>means>> "until"

    "nanti malam" >>means>> "tonight"

    "ampe nanti malam" >>means>> "until night"

    so, "lanjut beraktivitas ampe nanti malam" >>means>> "keep on the activity (activities) until night"

    hopefully it helps.

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