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What's difference between older/oldest and elder/eldest?

Если зайдут русские, то это как старше - стариннее?

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    зашли русские=) Ответить тоже по-русски?
    вобщем, В английском языке некоторые прилагательные могут быть только определениями при существительных и не встречаются в позиции именной части сказуемого, вот и наше elder/eldest входит в эту группу (а, как сказуемое, соответственно, используются older/oldest)
    (Например, His elder sister is a teacher, НО She's five years older than him)

    That is the difference between the comparative form of the adjective "old" (older, elder) and the superlative form of the adjective ( the oldest, the eldest).

    The comparative form is comparing 2 subjects ,where the first subject has relatively more of the quality ,the subject of comparison ,than the second subejct.
    "He is older than his brother"

    The superlative form is considering a subject the optimal,when it comes to possessing the qualities of a certain adjective.
    "The is the oldest man among his friends."

    "Elder" could mean a senior member, higher in rank or position and also born earlier ( compare with older here).
    'He is the eldest among his brothers." ( born first)
    'He is elder than his brother Balashov,but younger than his sister Natalie.

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