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which other language has similarity with french

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    French belongs to Latin(or Romance)family,and French has so many famous relatives.They are:Spanish,Portuguese,Italian,Romanian and some other dialects of those languages,these main five languages(including French)all belong to Romance family,as for your mother tongue and English,Norwegian,Danish,Swedish,Dutch and Icelandic language are all Germanic-family languages...Hope you are satisfied with my answer...:-)

    there is some similarity in words with english but the most similar is definitly spanish because they are both latin languages and english is an anglosaxon language. so spanish is the most similar language with french. muchas gracias a_a quiero mucho español

    Mainly Spanish and Italian.


    That's not an easy question!
    I'm french and it's more difficult for us to speak English than Spanish
    But for spanish people , this is more difficult to speak french !

    I have a student from Romania and for him, it's easy to learn french, spanish and Italian because it seems that many words are the same!
    I tried to learn Romanian but the pronunciation is a little bit different so, I should say the most similar language is probably spanish !
    To belong in the Latin family doesn't mean the language can be learnt easily and we can understand it without taking courses before
    For now, people from Romania are the only person to not have difficulties to learn a language!
    For French people, Spanish is the easiest language to learn!


    Verlan!! :D

    Occitan, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Galician, Romanian, and of course, Latin.

    English too!


    I think the closest would be Portugese. :-)

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