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what does it mean in persian. "khale aziz, azizam, dokhtare, okok, joone man"

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    Hello again Sarah.
    I don't know what's that "khale"."khale" means "aunt",but that "aziz" can not be used with it.are you sure that you have written it right?isn't it "kheyli"?

    "azizam" means my dear,darling,honey,sweetheart

    "dokhtar" means girl

    okok:what is it?we don't have anything like this.

    "Joone man":its meaning depends on the sentence.sometimes its meaning is same as that "azizam" and sometimes we use it for swearing the addressee to do something for us.

    Good luck!

    azizam means Dear or Darling
    joone man means you are my love, my darling
    khale aziz means My dear aunt

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