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what does it mean. khoobi, ashegetham, velayat e faqih, naa.

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    khoobi= are you ok?
    ashegetam= I love you
    velayat e fagih= Iran's government is running by valiye fagih(ayat ullh khamane e)

    Hey Sarah.

    Khoobi:it depends on the sentence.If it's interrogative,it means "are you OK?",but if it's declarative it means "you're nice or good"

    Asheghetam" it means "I love you" [not me,he loves you ;)]

    Velayate Faghih:it means "Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists",you can read this:


    other items are the same as other's answers but velaiate faghih or the correct form velaiate faqih means: "the guardianship of the jurist" which has two meaning first one or specific meaning refers to the ruler of the islamic society or the "leader" and the secound meaning or general one mean the principle of such ruling which is the main ideological concept in iran

    It means I love you
    velayate fgaghih is a king of religious leadership in iran and it means I do not like this leadership
    or this leadership is not acceptable.

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