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What do other Arabs think of the Egyptian dialect? هي جميل أو قبيح؟

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LOOOOL> I was tired when I wrote this...

Of course - hiya jameela aw qabee7a :)

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    اعتقد كل اللهجات العربية جميلة لكل نكهتها

    its the funest u can learn and the most easy coz we not care that much for the grammars also its the most known in all middle east and most understood by all arabs in the other countries

    @ Emad sokar
    we do have grammer in our egyptian arabic and well stuctured one coz it's normally that every language must has ( phonetics,phonology,syntax,semantics,paragmatics)even if it's colloquial so it's a normal thing but you think that ours is easy coz all arabs can understand us and speak it even alittle due to our tv series , movies, programs ...etc

    its fantastic and very nice beside this it's very easey

    we say هي جميلة أو قبيحة , not هي جميل أو قبيح cause it's feminine

    about the dialect , i think that every country has a special charm

    but in the end , only classical arabic is the beautifulest

    If that is a question than you ask:
    هل هي جميلة أم قبيحة ؟
    And that is classical (standard) Arabic by the way.

    dialects make us get interested in the countries issued from, and all the arab countries have one each, and most of them are a charm to listen to or to speak especially the Lebanon one (personal point of view about dialects)...but that would make you drift from the standard Arabic, which worths studying thousand times than dialects, at least for the art sake..........ancient Arab dynasties poems that blow the mind!!

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