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Ano ba ang "mga" at "ay" mean?

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    odette is correct.

    there is no direct translation of the word "mga" into English. you use it in referring two or more people,places or things.

    the word "ay", like the English "verb be" [am,is,are,was...] takes many forms depending on the usage.
    you use the word "ay" together with the prefix "mag or nag" depending on the tense of the sentence.

    ay - when used in a past tense sentence :"AKO AY NAG-LUTO"

    NAG-LUTO - is the past tense of the root word LUTO which means COOK

    ay - when used in present tense : "AKO AY NAG-LULUTO"

    NAG-LULUTO - present tense of the root word LUTO

    ay when used in a future tense: "AKO AY MAG-LULUTO"

    MAG-LULUTO - future tense of the root word LUTO

    "mga"('ma-nga') merely implies things in plural form.

    while Odette & christine are both correct on discussing the word "ay", "ay" could also be used as conjuncion to link different clauses:

    "habang naghuhugas ako ng pingan AY dumating ang kapatid ko."
    "while I was washing the dishes, my brother arrived."

    "ay" in this sentence would not have an english translation though, but rather replaced by comma (,).


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