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Hi I need to know When I must use Maine , Tumne , Hamne, Aapne, etc? Please I need help!! Thanks.


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    here the root words are
    aap-you(plural) or you with respect

    tum- you (lesser respect)

    tu- no respect

    now add postposition 'ne'
    we get
    aap+ne- aapne
    tum+ne- tumne
    mai~+ne- mai~ne

    U just need to know when 'ne' is used,

    all i can figure out right now is, this is used when verb form is in past tense
    i.e. Past simple, present perfect, past perfect(but strictly not when u use word 'chuka')
    Maine/aapne/tumne/humne paani piya.
    I/you/you/we drank water.

    Maine/(...) saamaan layaa tha.
    I/(...) had brought goods(stuff).

    Maine kitab le li hai.
    I have taken(may also mean bought) book.

    The last two sentences have other popular alternative in which we drop 'ne' and verb gender dependency goes to subject.

    My answer might be incomplete, just check all conditions when we use preposition(or postposition whatever way u know it) 'ne', the picture will be very clear

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