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how do you express "缘(yuan)”in a persian words?

"缘” means lot or luck by which people are brought together.if two persons are friends,we say they have "缘”。If two persons don't like each other ,so they can't be friends, we say they have no "缘”。can you find a Persian word to express it?
thank you.

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    據我所知緣份在佛教裡面有著非常抽象的含義。而此字的意思在中文裡面包括廣義的還有狹義的。在波斯語裡面سرنوشت,تقدير,قضاوقدر,قسمت,نصيب都可以表示destiny,和緣份廣義的意思較相近但如果你的意思是男女之間的感情,那得看情況。比如說عقدشان را در آسمانها بسته اند可以表示一對愛侶在一起很合適而且很有緣份。但在某些情況下會表示父母逼迫兩個有血源關係的親戚(如一個人跟自己的堂妹)結婚。

    Hey Ali.
    I think you know that all the "شانس"(shans),"بخت"(bakht),"اقبال"(eghbal) mean luck,so I don't think that they're your aim,huh?
    We also have the word "قسمت"(ghesmat) that may be more close to your word,but I'm not sure.
    If you explain more or give me more examples I can be more precise.
    Good luck

    其實我對波斯語的認識不是很深刻,所以建議你查詞典,不過我覺得عقدشان را در آسمانها بسته اند(aghdeshan ra dar asemanha baste and) 比較符合你的要求。它的意思是老天爺本來決定讓他們相愛而結婚。如果你要跟一個人說你們在一起很有緣份你就可以說:Khoda(daste taghdir/daste sarnevesht) ma ra be ham resande.假如你要說你和她沒有緣份,就可以說ghesmat nabood ke ba ham bashim.


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