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Who else thinks that russian is a diffucult language?

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    Russian is difficult, but it doesn't mean that you should not start learning it =)
    yeah russian not easy ......but if u love this language it not a big deal to learn it =))) so wish u luck in learning

    It's difficult at first, but as soon as you get into it there is a beautiful linked logic behind the entire framework of the language. I find that after a year of study, Russian grammar makes a lot more sense than say, German or English systems. The fact that you can say so little in so few words, and you can arrange the words to modify the meaning, means I love writing in Russian as it's so easy to convey meaning.

    The same i was thinking about english, it's hard to understood how it's work at first time

    Та, плевое дело :D

    I don't know my view counts for much, as I am not very advanced in Russian, but I think its difficulty is over-stated. English can be equally difficult in terms of nuance and its subtleties!

    It is for me, as the alphabet is totally different.

    I think it's more difficult than English, German and French but less difficult than Hungarian or Japanese.

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