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Is this sentence correct?

I want to write the following in German,

'I hope that you (formal plural ‘you’ not singular ) have enjoyed your concert at the weekend'

It seems initially not too difficult, however the ‘dass’ necessitating a subordinating clause and saying ‘have enjoyed’ in the perfect tense (which is what I’m trying to practise rather than the imperfect) has confused things a bit!!

I would write it as follows;

'Ich hoffe, das Ihnen Ihr Konzert am Wochenende genossen haben'

Hope very much that someone can help.



Additional Details:

I do actually mean 'your' concert in the sense that my friend and her husband are musical performers and I am enquiring if they enjoyed performing 'their' concert at the weekend, rather than an abstract 'a' concert.

With reference to 'have enjoyed', I think you are referring to the 'have' part of the 'have enjoyed'. No it's not strictly grammatically correct but I was simply trying to highlight that I wanted to write it in the Perfect German tense (ie using 'haben' rather than imperfect without the use of 'haben') so if you want to be strictly correct the English sentence should read;

I hope that you enjoyed your concert at the weekend'

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    Ich hoffe, dass Sie Ihr Konzert am Wochenende genossen haben.

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